The Education Council meets the first Tuesday of the month in the months of September, October, January, February, March and May.  Meetings are at 5pm in the Pastoral Center located on the west side of the church.  The council is made up of the parents, school staff, parishioners and parish staff.   It assists the pastor and principal in their roles of development and marketing, long-range planning, finance, buildings and grounds. Please contact the principal if you are interested in becoming a member.

2015-16 Council Members

Annilie Schrafnagel, Diane Punjak, Penny Jouni, Janine Boyd, Sheila Urling, Anna Richardson, Sarah McGuire and Pat Miller – Educational trustee.

schoolreport August 2015

Long Range Goals for 2015-16

Eduation Council Charter and By-Laws 2014


Education council Agenda 9-8-15docx


Education council minutes 6-9-15 (1)

Education council minutes 9-8-15docx