COVID-19 Information

COVID Update as of DECEMBER 9, 2020

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School is following the 10-day
Quarantine guidelines as released by the
CDC and DHS on December 7, 2020.

*This DOES NOT apply to Kindergarten or PreK*

PreK and Kindergarten students who have been exposed or show the main Covid-19 symptoms will have to remain out of school for the 14 days of quarantine.

After Exposure or Travel:

With Symptoms:

If a student shows 2 or more symptoms, the student MUST quarantine at home and have a COVID-19 test performed no sooner than 6 days after the last known exposure or when symptoms began.

Without Symptoms:

Quarantine at home until after day 10. When returning, monitor for symptoms until day 14.

If symptoms develop, follow the “With Symptoms” Guidelines. Any symptoms MUST be reported to the school.

Vaccinated or Recovered:

Exposure two weeks after being vaccinated (all required doses) or recovered from a confirmed case of COVID does not need to quarantine and may return to school if recovery or vaccination was within the last 90 days.


If symptoms develop, you MUST still quarantine!


Update 1/4/2021: The DHS and the Ashland County Health Department are STILL recommending that staff and students who are not able to social distance should continue to quarantine for 14 days.  Preschoolers and Kindergarteners are NOT able to understand social distancing due to their developmental levels.  So for the safety of all our staff and students, those students who are in preschool and kindergarten  will still need to quarantine for 14 days. 

Update 2/28/2021: It is important that you notify the school office if your student or anyone in  your household tests or has tested positive for Covid-19. We need to have  documentation for our records of any positive cases and dates.  

Even if the school/classroom is or has been on quarantine and your student  or any household member tested positive for Covid-19, we need you to  notify us. During the height of the infection rate the county offices were so  back logged they were unable to report all positive tests of students or  household members to the school. 

Please continue all safety precautions: masking when in public,  handwashing and safe distancing. 

We appreciate all your family is doing to keep OLL School's staff and  students safe during the pandemic. 

Covid-19 rapid testing is not available in the Ashland area at this time.  There is currently a 5-7 day wait for testing results.
Covid-19 testing must be done no sooner that day 6 or day 7 after the onset of symptoms or exposure.
For more information, or a list of symptoms, please visit or