Child Safety Training for Volunteers, Staff and Students

Staff and Adult volunteers are required to undergo one hour safety training (once every 5 years) and have a background check before working, coaching or volunteering in the classroom or on fieldtrips with children.  These training are offered once in early September and October and in the spring.  Parents should plan to attend training and apply for the background check so they are able to volunteer at the school and go on field trips.

Safe Environment information

OLL School in accordance with article 13 of the USCCB charter educates our students each year. Our students will be involved in age-appropriate discussions and view age-appropriate videos for yearly safety training.  Parents must give their written permission for their child to attend these classroom lessons. A form for this is given in the 1st day packet.  Parents choosing to opt their child out of this training must do so in writing and will receive the information in a packet to do the training at home.