Curriculum of the School:

The curriculum of the school is the total of all the experiences a student encounters during the school day.  To ensure that those experiences adhere to high academic standards, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School follows The Diocese of Superior curriculum guidelines, which are built upon State of Wisconsin Academic Standards.  Textbooks are evaluated based upon how well they correlate with the curriculum.  Teachers all hold a teaching license from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

In their daily class work, students of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School study the usual spectrum of courses – Reading/Spelling/Grammar (Language Arts), Math, Science, and Social Studies, Religion and Art.  Music, Media, and PE classes are offered throughout the week.  All are infused within the context of a Christian value and morals system.


Music: Music fundamentals are taught twice each week. As an application of the fundamentals, students learn songs for the weekly liturgies, as well as for the semi-annual programs. Beginning in second grade, students are introduced to the piano in class. Individual piano lessons are also available. Piano instruction continues in third grade. In fourth grade, students can begin individual instruction in various musical instruments. The school has a combined 5th through 8th grade band and choir. Students in 5th – 8th grade are required to take at least one of the following: choir, band, or general music. However, to participate in band, a student must have had at least one year of lessons before joining the band.

Band and Chior

Band and Choir (grades 5-8) are both performance-based classes and require that the student be there for all concerts. Most of the concerts are scheduled outside the normal school day, and will require the student to come back at night to perform; failure to perform in the concerts will result in a lower grade. Students are expected to practice outside of scheduled class times for band. Band students have a sectional once a week during their lunch time recess that they are required to be at; failure to attend these sectionals will result in a lower band grade. Also, because band and choir are performance-based classes, disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. A student who is habitually disruptive will be removed from band or choir and placed in the general music class. Musical programs are put on for Veteran’s Day, Christmas, and in the spring.

General Music

General music: The class meets once a week. A student may choose this class to meet the music requirements for grades 5-8. In general music, the students will learn about compositional styles and eras, composers, instruments, and the cultural impact music has had around the world through the centuries. The students will read, listen to examples of music and do assignments each class time.

Physical Education

Physical Education: All grades participate in physical education. The emphasis is on physical fitness and on learning skills that make fitness fun, now and later in life. In the earlier grades effort is made to build skills that will help children with overall coordination and balance. The older grades focus on games and life sports. The teacher must be presented with a written doctor’s notice indicating reason for and length of time if a child cannot participate in the activities. The teacher has the right to require a different assignment to be completed in place of participation. All students must have a pair of shoes to be worn only for gym. (Indoors)

Religion Curriculum

Religion Curriculum: Religion is taught in word and deed at all grade levels throughout the school day. Catholic doctrine and the practice of Christian values are interwoven through the entire fabric of the curriculum. By studying their faith, students form the foundation from which moral judgments are made, now and in the future.

Children of other denominations are very welcome at Our Lady of the Lake and are expected to participate in religion classes and in the weekly liturgies. Families of other denominations will find that Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School gives their children a firm foundation of Christian values in a loving atmosphere that respects their own religious traditions.

The Family’s Role

The Family’s Role: The most important part of our religion curriculum involves the family. It is the example of the family that will establish the life-long attitudes and practices of each child. Each family is encouraged to go to church each weekend. While attendance at our Catholic school is an important step on the road of each child’s faith journey, it should not be their only faith experience.

Sacramental Preparation

Sacramental Preparation: Parish programs in preparation for the sacrament of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation are included in grade two. Children of other denominations are excused from sacramental preparation. Students of other grade levels who have not received the sacraments many participate in the sacramental programs. They will be excused from class to be able to attend the preparation classes.


Liturgies: An important part of religious education is the celebration of the Eucharist together. Every week there is an all-school liturgy on Thursday at 9:00 a.m. Occasionally, it is necessary to change this schedule due to Holy days, or the priest’s schedule. Grades take turns preparing liturgies and participating by lectoring, singing in the choir, altar servers and reading intentions. Each grade will have Mass buddies from a different grade level that sit with them during church and also partner up once a month for buddy reading time. This helps to develop a sense of “family” among our students of different ages.

Holy Days of Obligation

Holy Days of Obligation: School will be in session for one of Holy Days of Obligation (December 8th-The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is the only one during the school year). This feast may be properly commemorated by scheduling an appropriate liturgy for the school children on that day.

Theology of The Body and The Morality Unit

Theology of the Body is a series developed by St. John Paul II for grades 7-8. The Theology of The Body and the Morality Unit are approved by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Students are taught about family life and are offered a guided, consistent, faith-filled approach to human sexuality, as informed by the Christian faith.

Students will learn an appreciation of their own uniqueness, goodness, and physical and psychological development.

Students will learn to appreciate and respect the purpose of Christian marriage, the role played by sexuality, the importance of healthy relationships with others, and to respect the dignity of other persons.

Grading Scale:

OLL School has a percentage grading scale for grades 3-8. Grades K-2nd have a rating scale of 0-3 for skills and knowledge.

Kindergarten , 1st and 2nd grades

3 - Meets Grade Level

2 - Approaching Grade Level

1 - Working Below Grade Level


3rd through 8th grades

A = 100% - 93%

B = 92% - 85%

C = 84% - 77%

D = 76% - 69%

F = 68% ↓ and/or Incomplete