Curriculum of the School:

The curriculum of the school is the total of all the experiences a student encounters during the school day.  To ensure that those experiences adhere to high academic standards, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School follows The Diocese of Superior curriculum guidelines, which are built upon State of Wisconsin Academic Standards.  Textbooks are evaluated based upon how well they correlate with the curriculum.  Teachers all hold a teaching license from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

In their daily class work, students of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School study the usual spectrum of courses – Reading/Spelling/Grammar (Language Arts), Math, Science, and Social Studies, Religion and Art.  Music, Media, and PE classes are offered throughout the week.  All are infused within the context of a Christian value and morals system.

Grading Scale:

OLL School has a percentage grading scale for grades 3-8. Grades K-2nd have a rating scale of 0-3 for skills and knowledge.

Kindergarten , 1st and 2nd grades

3 - Meets Grade Level

2 - Approaching Grade Level

1 - Working Below Grade Level


3rd through 8th grades

A = 100% - 93%

B = 92% - 85%

C = 84% - 77%

D = 76% - 69%

F = 68% ↓ and/or Incomplete