Vision, Mission & Philosophy

Vision Statement

Our Lady of the Lake School will be the school of choice for parish and community families who desire their children to become innovative, socially responsible, Christian/Franciscan-centered world-wide leaders in the 21st century.


Mission Statement

Our Lady of the Lake School, an educational ministry of Our Lady of the Lake Church, exists to provide an excellent Catholic Education to the Ashland area and nearby communities.  OLL has been serving the families of the Chequamegon Area for over 135 years, providing a high quality academic education in a faith-based atmosphere for grades 3 year old preschool through their high school years.  Student creativity in academics and the arts is emphasized.  In keeping with the Christian/Franciscan heritage of the parish,  students learn to appreciate and respect all of God’s creation in a safe, secure and loving environment in which they can achieve to their fullest potential:  academically, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Families of all faiths who share this philosophy and mission are welcomed.  The combination of a loving, nurturing environment and a challenging academic curriculum help students develop into confident, caring, responsible, faith-filled citizens.  The Franciscan values of compassion, justice, peace, service and respect of all creation are promoted and stressed.


Philosophy of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School is designed for the education, development, and spiritual formation of children according to Franciscan Charisms and values.  Recognizing that parents serve as the primary educators of their children, we also believe that the development of the whole child is a community partnership effort between students, school staff, parents and parishioners. Our goal is to:

  1. Fulfill the academic and spiritual needs of the individual student with curriculum and opportunities that enable students to develop each to their maximum potential in all subject areas.  Emphasis is placed on the student’s responsibility to recognize and develop his or her talents to the fullest.

  2. Foster opportunities for each student to develop Christian values that are a basis for critical decision-making and for further growth and development that includes a vision of a global perspective.

  3. Build a community atmosphere of joy, love, and concern for each individual student. Our community provides each student with a sense of belonging, thereby helping each student develop a positive self-worth.

  4. Help each student learn to appreciate and respect the rights of others so they may become true peacemakers through service of others at school, at home, and in the community.

  5. Provide clear behavioral expectations based on a Franciscan model of peace, justice and respect for all.

  6. Provide a variety of worship experiences including Mass, daily devotional time, Stations of the Cross, Rosary, Reconciliation and other prayer opportunities.




A graduate of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School will:

  • Possess personal, academic, social, and spiritual awareness

  • Explore a relationship to God, self, and others

  • Demonstrate a high level of self-awareness while being attentive to the needs of others

  • Embrace diversity in the world

  • Respect property and the Earth

  • Care for themselves, mind, body, and spirit


A graduate of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School will:

  • Demonstrate ability to solve problems creatively

  • Participate in well-rounded curriculum, including fine arts and current events

  • Demonstrate various study skills and strategies for learning new information

  • Demonstrate an independence and responsibility for learning

  • Transfer academic information to real-life situations

  • Demonstrate creative and critical thinking

  • Use technology effectively and appropriately

  • Be prepared to attend high school of his or her choice


A graduate of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School will:

  • Demonstrate commitment to and/or knowledge of Catholicism

  • Lead others by living the commandments and following the example of Jesus Christ

  • Practice forgiveness of self and others

  • Demonstrate a deep respect for God, self and others

  • Participate meaningfully in prayer, Mass and devotionals

  • Realize the power of positive peer pressure and its applications through good role modeling

  • Demonstrate moral and ethical decision-making, with integrity and perseverance

  • Demonstrate knowledge of world religions and respect for the different beliefs of others

  • Practice stewardship in many forms, including giving service, time, talent and treasure to others


A graduate of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School will:

  • Demonstrate respect, compassion, empathy, understanding, acceptance and tolerance of self and others

  • Be self-reflective in thought

  • Demonstrate behaviors appropriate to social and emotional situations

  • Communicate clear, thoughtful, intelligent and imaginative ideas through speech and written word

  • Speak and write with proper grammar and appropriate language

  • Build friendships that can last a lifetime

  • Collaborate with others to solve problems