Tuition Fees and Conditions

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School

The Cost of Education

The actual cost to educate one child at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School is $8300. The parishioners of OLL Church help support the cost per student as one of the primary missions of the church.  This allows for modest cost for each child. Your cost of tuition per child is determined below.

Those families that may be able to donate more towards their child’s education can do so with a tax deductible donation. 

Elementary/Middle School Tuition Policies

All registration forms including the tuition agreement and the scholarship application forms must be filled out and turned in at the time of the child’s registration/enrollment.

  1. The required tuition agreement form must be signed by both the family and principal.
  2. All registration materials must be turned in to the school office no later than June 30th.

Please call the school office if you have questions.   

Payment Options

A minimum monthly payment of $25.00 is required

* Families participating in the WPCP voucher program are not required to pay a monthly payment.

  1. The monthly payment plan must be pre-arranged, agreed to and signed by both the school family and the school principal.
  2. Special Payment Arrangement Contract - must be arranged individually and approved by both the principal and the business administrator, and the special arrangements must be incorporated into the family’s written tuition agreement.
  3. WPCP Voucher program

Tuition Incentives

  1. Up to $300 is available for families through the State of Wisconsin income tax credit program. Please consult your tax advisor for details of this Wisconsin state program.
  2. A multi-child discount of 50% tuition reduction will be applied to the third and subsequent additional non WPCP voucher children of the same family enrolled in K-8.
  3. Refer a new student that enrolls in K-8 and receive a $100 credit on your tuition statement. There is no limit to the number of referrals you may make.
  4. The Scrip 50/50 tuition sharing program offers a rebate towards your child’s tuition on a quarterly basis. Participation is not required; contact the school office for sign up forms and information.

Financial Scholarships

Financial scholarship applications are available for all students.

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School will offer 4 Scholarships for the 2021-22 school year. The Kremer Foundation Scholarship (awarded in October), Sister Kathleen Brady (awarded in January), St. Mary’s of Odanah (awarded in February), The Support A Student (awarded when all other scholarships have been received).

ALL scholarship applications are due no later than May 15th. A copy of the family’s 2020 1040 or a current paycheck stub is required to begin the application process.

The scholarship awards are based on the school scholarship policies and as funds are available. Late applications will be considered only on a “funds available” basis.

Scholarship/grant monies will be awarded to the family’s tuition account after the family has fully paid their portion of tuition.

Scholarship/grant monies awarded for tuition will be forfeited if the family’s portion of tuition is not fully paid by May 15th of the school year.

Collections Policies

  1. If payment issues or problems occur, all attempts will be made to work out a mutually agreeable payment schedule between the school and school families.
  2. A fee of $30 per instance will be assessed for a returned check.
  3. Collections/Non-Payment:
    1. Three (3) consecutive monthly non-payments of the tuition agreement, with failure to contact the school office, may result in turning the entire outstanding balance over to collections.
    2. Any funds not fully paid by June 30th of the end of the school year will be subject to being sent to a collection agency.

If an account is turned over to collections, a service fee of 35% of the amount due will be added to the unpaid balance to cover the school’s costs of collections including, but not limited to, collections agency costs, court costs and reasonable necessary attorney’s fees.

If a family has not fully paid the tuition amount for the current school year before June 30th, the family will not be able to re-enroll the student at Our Lady of the Lake until the balance has been paid in full. Unique and special circumstances for school families may be considered on a case-by-case basis and taken into consideration by the principal and the pastor.

Tuition Obligation of Parents/ Guardians

I agree to the following:

a) I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and duties.

b) I agree and promise to make payments in accordance with the payment schedule.

c) In the event that I default in this contract, I agree to pay Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School all reasonable and necessary costs of collection incurred to collect monies for service provided by Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School, including but not limited to: costs of any collection agency; court costs; reasonable and necessary attorney fees.

d) Any monies received through the Support-a-Student application will not be credited to the account until parent/guardian portion has been paid in full.