Music Education

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School

Music Education

Teaching the Fundamentals of Music

Music fundamentals are taught twice each week. Students learn secular and religious songs of an age-appropriate length to be used in weekly liturgies, semi-annual programs and to reinforce the fundamentals of music.

Beginning in 1st grade, students are introduced to the piano in class.  Piano instruction continues thru 3rd grade.  In 4th and 5th grade, students can begin individual instruction in various musical instruments.

Our Lady of the Lake has a combined 6th through 8th grade band and choir. Students in these grades are required to join either choir, band, or both. There is a student requirement of at least one year of instrument lessons before joining the band.  

Band and Choir are both performance-based classes and require that the student be there for all concerts. Most concerts are scheduled outside the normal school day and will require the student to come back at night to perform. Practice is the key to a great musician, and OLL expects students to practice instruments outside of the classroom.  Band students have a sectional practice once a week during their lunch time recess, (lessons for grades 4-5 and sectionals for grade 6-8).

Students will be required to be at ALL concerts and attend all sectional practices for a full grade. If concerts or sectionals are missed, the overall class grade will reflect accordingly. Band and choir are performance-based classes; therefore, disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

Musical programs are put on for Veteran’s Day, Christmas, and for our Spring Program.