Health & Wellness

Medication Policies and Procedures

Please give medications at home whenever possible. However, if medication is needed during the school day, the following is necessary. All medications will be given in the school office.

Students are NOT ALLOWED to have medication on them or in their lockers at school. If needed, it must be kept in the school office for dispensing by the school nurse/secretary.

All medication forms are available at your child's school.

Prescription Medications:

  • Prescription medication form signed by health care provider.
  • Parent/guardian signature giving consent to give medication.
  • Medication in a properly labeled prescription bottle brought in by parent/guardian not student.

Non-Prescription Medications:

  • Non-Prescription form filled out and signed by parent/guardian with instructions for school to give medication.
  • Medication must be in the original container

Things to know about medications:

  • Students may not carry medication at school with the exception of prescription inhalers with doctor/parent permission.
  • A parent/guardian must deliver medication to the school office.
  • A parent/guardian must pick up medications by the last day of the school year. They will not be given to the student to bring home. If medication is not picked up by the last day of the school year we will properly dispose of them.
  • A new medication form is needed each time the medication is changed.
  • A new medication form is needed for each school year.

When should your child stay home because of illness or injury?

  • Fever: Greater than 100 degrees. Student must be fever free without the use of medications to lower fever for 24 hrs. before returning to school.
  • Vomiting: Vomiting in the past 24 hours.
  • Diarrhea: Diarrhea in the last 24 hours.
  • Rash: Rash that is open and draining or rash with fever.
  • Contagious Disease: Strep throat, impetigo, purulent pink eye-may return after 24 hrs. of treatment with antibiotic and 24 hours fever free.
  • Nuisance Disease: Head lice/nits (must be treated and checked by the nurse before returning).

Screening Programs
Physical Examinations: Kindergarten students are strongly encouraged to have Physical, Dental, and Vision examinations prior to school entrance.

Dental Screenings: Northlakes Dental Clinic and Bad River Dental Clinic provide students with dental screening, check-ups, varnish, and fluoride treatments three times a year. Permission slips are sent home at the beginning of the school year.

Vision Screening is provided by the Lion's Club and by parent volunteers.